Proportions – Custom Nutrition for Your Dog *Review*

If you have a dog in your home, chances are you treat them as one of the family. You might be helping yourself and your family to eat a better diet by reducing carbs, starches and fried foods and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can make the same healthy choices for your furry family member!

Proportions offers a whole food nutrition program for your dog. Their whole food meals contain balanced portions of Hearty Stew, Harvest Fruit and Vegetable Mix, and a reduced portion of the highest quality kibble.

Why feed whole food?
• More even, consistent level of energy, rather than a carb/sugar high followed by a crash
• More lean muscle mass; reduced body fat
• Gleaming skin and coat
• Less body odor/dog smell
• Reduces the pro-inflammatory insulin surge associated with high carb diets

The Proportions philosophy:

  • We believe . . . that the same kind of common sense we use to feed our families should guide how we feed our dogs.
  • We believe . . . that quality kibble can be a source of energy and nutrition, but shouldn’t be your dog’s sole source of nutrition.
  • We believe . . . that dogs do better when their diet includes whole foods similar to what they evolved on – minimally processed, human-grade meat for protein.
  • We believe . . . that the phytonutrients, enzymes, and other nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables enhance canine diets far more than spraying synthetic vitamins and minerals on kibble.


Proportions customizes your dog’s meals according to the seven key factors a canine nutritionist would review. The Proportions website features an easy to use calculator that determines the daily caloric requirements for your dog.  This enables them to customize your dog’s portions in proportion to your dog’s size, age, body mass, and energy level.

Each meal you receive from Proportions is custom-made just for your dog and has only the calories your dog needs to stay healthy and fit. Rather than buying a large bag of dog food that may go bad before you get to the bottom of it, Proportion’s meals are individually portioned and wrapped to naturally preserve freshness and labeled with your dog’s name, photo and unique calorie requirements. Every four weeks, you’ll receive 28 days of custom, premeasured Proportions meals delivered right to your door and labeled with your dog’s name and photo on the package! Each week’s meals ar packaged in a special recyclable box, designed to make it easy for you to take out one individual meal at each mealtime.

I received a trial of two Proportions meals for my dog, Obi Kenobi, to try. Each meal consisted of 3 separate pouches – Crunchy Blend, Hearty Stew, and Harvest Mix.

To prepare the meal for Obi, I started with the pouch of Crunchy Blend (kibble).

The Crunchy Blend was LiveSmart Chicken and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula. It has ingredients like deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oats, dried beet pulp, whole sweet potatoes, whole carrots, whole apples, and more, including many vitamins and minerals.

I then added the pouch of Hearty Stew.

The Hearty Stew was Hand-Carved Chicken in Pumpkin Soup. Among its wholesome nutrients is boneless chicken, water, pumpkin, carrot, and pea. Right when I opened the pouch, I could smell the stew. It smelled really good, unlike any dog food I had ever smelled before. From the smell of it, I knew that Obi was going to love it.

I added the last pouch, the Harvest Mix.

The Harvest Mix is a blend of dried carrots, freeze-dried broccoli, freeze-dried spinach, freeze-dried peas, dried apples, freeze-dried blueberries, freeze-dried bananas, and other dried fruits and vegetables and extracts. When I saw that the Harvest Mix contained fruits and vegetables like broccoli and blueberries, I thought that would be the deal breaker. I didn’t expect Obi to take a liking to that. Well, I was wrong!

After adding  all the pouches to the bowl, I lightly mixed them.

The liquid from the chicken stew rehydrated the Harvest Mix. There was no need to any extra water. I placed the bowl on the floor for Obi and he immediately began chowing down on it!

The fruits and vegetables from the Harvest Mix were no problem for him!

He finished the entire bowl. For Obi, Proportions is bowl licking good!


You will NEVER find these in a Proportions meal:

  • Fats and proteins from unspecified “Animal” sources – if the animal isn’t named it could be anything
  • Animal by-products, such as heads, beaks, hooves or intestines – also often from unspecified animal types. These are not ingredients a dog’s body can optimally utilize
  • Fillers such as powdered cellulose and rice hulls that offer no nutritional value.
  • Chemical preservatives, including Ethoxyquin or BHA.
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Sugars and sweeteners, which can aggravate health problems like diabetes.


To try a Proportions meal for your dog, visit the Proportions website and click on the Get Started button, where you can input your dog’s information into the Proportions Calculator. They will then send you a risk-free trial of two custom, premeasured Proportions meals for your dog in a recyclable package with your dog’s name and photo on the box!

When you sign up for the Proportions program, the 10-Day Starter Kit is FREE! The starter kit will help you gently incorporate Proportions into your dog’s routine over a course of 10 days – a total of 20 meals. During the 10 Day Transition period, you will transition your dog to the Proportions program in 3 stages, adding Proportions in increments.

Proportions also features a Canine Nutrition section on their website where you can go and learn many things about dog nutrition. You can learn some great information like how to read a dog food label and good and bad ingredients found in dog foods. If you have any concerns or questions about your dog’s nutrition, you can even ask an expert. The website even features a comprehensive list of AKC-certified dog breeds with their individual characteristics.

Proportions can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to check out the Proportions blog!



Disclosure: I received a trial of 2 Proportions meals in exchange for my honest opinions.  I did not receive any monetary compensation. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own and different people may have different outcomes.


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